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    This week’s spotlight shines on Sebio Entertainment Systems,  “Your home + our kit = The Best Entertainment”.

    Out with the old and in with the new! Trapeze Island Resort has seen the purchase of a new line of recreational watercraft for the enjoyment of patrons! Gone are the rust buckets of old, replaced by shiny brandy new jet skis and hoverboards! Even new sailboats have been purchased! All thanks to new investment funds that we have recently received. We’ve been wanting to spice things for a while, this just gave us that little push to do it. We hope you enjoy your next stay on Trapeze Island!

    The Ogiukurg Mall has begun their latest project ‘The People Mover’, a small yet extensive transit system that spans the entire mall for patrons to use to traverse the grand structure. Officials there have started using the acronym TPM, but we at The People’s Media have sent a cease and desist order as part of a conflict resolution and avoidance point of contention. However we look forward to the mall’s people mover project completion! Anything to make the lives of Capital City citizens better!

    The Sapphire Commerce Center has a new water feature! Located in the Commerce Center’s primary lawn, this grand fountain and pond features routinely changed seasonal floral arrangements as well as crystal clear water with distinguishing colors! This vibrant display is sure to impress the most noble of souls.

    With the Emerald University monorail transit lines refurbished, the officials at the district of Aamofsa have turned their attention to the monorail stations themselves. It has been reported that the stations will have refreshed restroom facilities as well as new cafes and vending machines. Students look forward to being able to lounge in a more relaxed fashion while waiting for their tram!

    A recent public announcement has been broadcast in regards to seeking out stockbrokers. However, what isn’t said is the stockbrokers being sought after are dubius and shady. They have no morals, or any expertise in their supposed field! They make excellent scam artists though, so if you’re in the market to lose your money, acquire and send out your stockbrokers today!

    A new wave of decorations hits the TPM garden! Where is the garden? Well you’ll have to work for The People’s Media to find out, but let me tell you it’s beautiful! New floral arrangements as well as new banners and even new sculptures have all been procured to make the garden a great place for TPM employees to relax and for interns to watch them relax! We hope this talk of the Secret Garden ™ encourages people to apply for an internship or employment today!

    Ruby Citadel has received another investment boost from the Lord Warden themselves! The goal this time is to improve services for citadel guests, comfort for those of the outside is of utmost importance when it comes to keeping appearances and maintaining a positive PR. No expensive is spared as the budget office plans to add a new cafe specifically for incoming visitors! Not only is a new cafe being built, but the guest restroom facilities are receiving a seemingly much needed upgrade, with new sinks and tile and ambient lighting. You can guarantee your next visit to Ruby Citadel is a pleasant one!.

    The undercity housing project continues in the district of Draron Qebridge! As additional investments flow in, the building continues! With new plans for citizen amenities as well as new undercity pathways! We will keep you updated as this project continues!

    Be on the lookout for a series of flyovers here in Capital City! The Imperial Navy plans to host an air show in the district of Icrusea, complete with vendors and food stalls and other festivities. Also expect recruiters to be there on sight as well! The show will last all week with presentations of the various ships in the Imperial Navy fleet. Flyovers will be performed in what are known as ‘SLFs’, however these models have their weapons removed to provide for a safe experience for spectators. We look forward to seeing you all out there!

    Stay tuned for more here at Prismatic Media News!