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    This week’s spotlight shines on Blart, “Talk through us, we don’t mind”.

    A much needed investment has arrived in the district of Eatiosa. Officials say that the budget will be split down the middle, one portion going to additional bridge improvements for their side of the Crystal Lake bridge after the incident from two weeks ago. Someone from the administration office also made a comment about recent interactions with Marina Yao, stating “She doesn’t know the first thing about urban planning!” The remaining amounts of the budget are reported to be allocated to construction of the Eatiosa Hyperloop transfer station at the end of the bridge, we look forward to seeing all of these improvements!

    Emerald Observatory continues their long maintenance and refurbishment project as new investment funds arrive. Many of the supporting instruments that the observatory staff utilize alongside the gigantic telescope are scheduled to be updated or replaced based on their current warranty timeline. This is exciting news as they are in the process of planning a new expedition!

    Melodifestivalen continues here on Trapeze Island! With the wharf upgrades complete, new investment funds are being funneled into new pathways throughout the island and resort! With expected new visitors, we want everything to look its best! So we welcome everyone to come and enjoy themselves during Melodifestivalen as new food vendors and musical talent arrive to provide the very best for our patrons!

    This just in! Stolen relics from a museum in a nearby system?! We’ve received word that a handful of ancient artifacts have been stolen from a “Museum of Natural History and Art and Culture and Science and Politics”, curators of the museum have expressed their distress as staff members searched far and wide for the missing pieces, but to no avail. “If you see them, please, for the love of The Nine, return them as soon as possible!” The museum’s chief of staff put out multiple notices across the galaxy, we do hope they find those relics!

    New park amenities are rumored to be brought in and constructed in the Jukhand district as a new investment is underway. This follows the completion of the new and updated housing for citizens on welfare and the homeless. This is part of a larger vision to improve the public perception of Jukhand as a whole. Keep yours eyes on this story as it develops even further!

    As the Grand Sequential Mall continues it’s construction progress, a new investment has been received by the district of Bona. The Budget Office reports that these funds will be directed to the mall’s intermodal transit known as the “GS-People Mover”. We’ve been told that the construction of the building structure itself has been completed and all that’s left is the interior!

    The city of Zespea has announced its annual “Festival of Lights”! Every year, citizens and tourists gather in the harbor to witness the spectacle as lights get strewn about in a fantastical display of glamour and color. Food vendors and market stalls specific to the festival are brought out as well as festival games! Officials say that there are even cute prizes to win! We hope you take the time out of your week to plan a trip to visit Zespea for this wondrous occasion!

    Oh Birge… where to start with him. He claims to be “in the know” with the districts and their cash flow, but sources say he really doesn’t actually know anything, least of all city planning! He touts his knowledge on what’s “profitable” and what isn’t based on pure speculation, with complete disregard for what projects are actually taking place. His baseless claims fall on deaf ears, but sometimes people listen to what he was to say and take it to heart. I’m here to encourage those who truly listen to him, to simply stop. Instead, take some time to listen to one of the many shows here at The People’s Media!

    Stay tuned for more here at Prismatic Media News!