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    This week’s spotlight shines on The Rockforth Corporation, “With luxury cruises and holiday packages, we'll let nothing disturb you…”

    The district of Draron Qebridge has recently received an investment boost, which after some lengthy debates, have been budgeted for improvements of the district’s portion of the undercity. It’s no secret that housing in Capital City’s underside is subpar, and there seems to be efforts to improve it! This is quite exciting as it will improve the quality of life of citizens who live there!

    Just this past week I received a bombastic message from a CMDR that I’ve met previously. Without going into details, we’ve decided to dedicate a week on Trapeze Island to the lizards of the island. You’ve seen them hanging in the trees, you’ve seen them star bathing on the rocks, and you’ve seen them swimming in miscellaneous places! Well all this week, we will have specific play areas for lizards and our patrons near our various tiki bars. All guests will be required to sign a release form in the event of sickness or injury before engaging with our playfully cute critters. We look forward to seeing you!

    Employees of The People’s Media will be pleased to hear that the bathrooms of various floors have been remodeled to fit the whims of the Lord Herald. It seems that the theme this time is “Smart and Fancy”, whatever that is intended to mean, the colors are surely something to behold.

    A new investment hits the district of Cront! It’s reported that the money will be used to replace the streets with speed-restricted lane-powered roads, giving residents a pleasant improvement for their personal vehicles. While the current streets are exquisite, the improvements will be three times as nice, with new drains being added as well! The drain pipes will lead into the bordering river in an effort to keep the streets from flooding, and it is asked that citizens do not empty containers into them or they will be subject to fines of 1,000Cr or more depending on infraction severity.

    Expansion of the Sapphire Commerce Center Hyper-Transit System continues as a new extension is being built into the district of Ruophaco! Employees and patrons of the commerce center have expressed their excitement as this will open up more opportunities for jobs, and lunch break options! Ruophaco, while it’s known as a commercial district, is home to many delicious small restaurants that are not easily accessible by car. Construction is expected to near completion by the end of next week!

    Rumors are swirling like the aeration of a glass of finely aged wine. Rumors of wine itself! That’s right, The esteemed Howell Vineyards are opening a store right here in Capital City! We haven’t heard a set date of that grand opening, but many who have heard the talk are clamoring to visit and taste. I personally look forward to visiting, excitement is in the air!

    Quality of life improvements have been explicitly described by the Lord Warden themselves for Ruby Citadel. With the ever expanding Ruby Rapid Response, the current direct focus seems to be employee accommodations. From new cafe menu items to better housing for Vigor agents, no expense is spared when it comes to making sure Vigor employees are well taken care of thanks to new investment funds into Ruby Citadel! The ever improving Branch of Vigor looks to the stars with each new day.

    The district of Vreemane has received another investment, reportedly allocated to further improving the Crystal Lake bridge after a conundrum involving an absurdly high volume of personal vehicle traffic. This should allow for slower, and higher volume, traffic over the bridge. Officials state that once the bridge improvements are complete, the rest of the funds will be put towards the C-Hyperloop™ extensions and transit stops. I was personally invited to the grand opening of the new transfer station and it is exquisite, those transit trams really know how to move!

    There is talk amongst the whispers that a cult is resurfacing after a millennia of remaining hidden, nobody knows the name of the cult other than that it exists, and is just referred to as “The Cult”. What’s more, there are rumors that Axton Rodney is a member of this cult! What with his spouting of conspiracy theories of frogs and glue, it’s no wonder people are beginning to think so. Stay tuned as this story develops!

    You may have seen our very own Marina Yao’s story on the Seracia Naberius 3307 recently on her new talk show The Nightly Transit! There seems to be a flash sale on this two wheel autonomous personal vehicle on the Diamond Market, and we wanted to know why. I had my staffers look into this and do some research, and it turns out there might be defects in the sale-vehicles they are selling! Claims ranging from short circuiting in the battery to broken struts in the suspension! Who knows what could be wrong, but what we do know is they’re on sale, and must be on sale for a reason!

    Stay tuned for more here at Prismatic Media News!