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  1. CMDR's Cattle Attracts Baltac Tigers

    The recent actions of an independent pilot driving thousands of cows toward the Zespia Sea on the east side of Capital City has attracted the attention of the non-native Baltac Tigers. Duke Corwin Ryan responds with the sword!

    The Baltac Tiger has long been a problem on Cubeo III.  The sharp quills running down their back and heavy armored bone protruding from their skull makes them incredibly resistant to attacks from the common beasts of Cubeo plains.  Imported during the third stage of terriforming, the deadly cat outlived its purpose in the rapidly developing ecosystem.  Despite clear studies from Life's Rift depicting the overpopulation of the Baltac Tiger, sympathetic legislature from the Prismatic Senate has left them with unchecked expansion. With weapons greatly outclassing their abundant prey, these felidae kill for sport.  
    CMDR Honest_Benjamin recently made this public announcement:
    "Are you tired of this mass-produced, unhealthy synthetic meat? Do you wish you could taste meat fresh from the fields of Cubeo III? Well now you can. Honest Benjamin's Legally Acquired cattle is now open for business. If you want high-quality organic beef, look no further. Our cattle eats off the land, and is always being moved by human beings from one feeding ground to the other. Order from Honest Benjamin's Legally Acquired Cattle for the finest quality beef, sold by the President of Samo himself, for fresh, high quality meat."
    During this time the Samo President CMDR was steering thousands of cows toward the Zespia Sea on the east side of Capital City.  While his motives were pure, the consequences for his actions were obvious to researchers who were too late to respond.  Dozens of Baltac Tiger families came down from the hills in pursuit of these easy prey. In just the last week alone there have been reports of attacks on humans climbing to over 200 cases.  A Baltac Tiger can even been seen vandalizing high performance cars on the roadways.
    The Prismatic Senate called for an emergency session to tackle the issue before residence of Capital City were harmed.  Duke Corwin Ryan later issued a decree that the Baltac Tiger be eliminated from the Cubeo system saying, "There are dozens of sanctuary worlds where the Baltac Tiger can roam free.  Cubeo III is not one of them."  When questioned if CMDRs would be taking part in the eradication, the Duke responded with a gesture to the mobilizing forces in Fort Ryan.  "I've allocated my army to the service of CMDRs via Command Tokens.  The Administration of the Overseer will assist in communicating that to our pledged pilots.  They proved themselves during the Void War.  This should be good news for them as a hunt like this does not take place often." - Duke Corwin Ryan
    Thus it has been announced that the entire population of Baltac Tiger will be eradicated from the Cubeo system with CMDRs leading Prismatic Forces across the plains of Cubeo.  The Administration of the Overseer intend to reward pilots with one diamond for every tiger killed.  High Overseer Aloturus Ottesius claimed that they would destroy any party attempting to capture these wild beasts to ensure poachers fail to create a limited market with the extinction of the Baltac Tiger in Cubeo.
    All hail the destruction of these monsters!