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  1. The Daily Chat - Why System Security wants to kill you.

    Joining us today is Chief Garrett Baker and five other guests who explain how they look forward to the opportunity to kill an Independent Pilot as soon as it is legal to do so.

    By Alijah
    November 21 3304-5:29 pm

    Welcome to The Daily Chat, my name is Alicia Mellor and here with me we have Chief Garrett Baker and 5 other members of our system security, they have come to discuss what has all been on our minds and that is why our beloved system security just can’t wait to blow up your ship.
    First off i’d like to thank you all for coming today it’s so nice when you get to meet the people who protect you and your system in person and so, Chief Garret, please tell us why does killing an independent pilot bring about such fame and fortune?
    Chief Garrett:
    Well I would like to say thank you from all of us for having us here, we really appreciate getting to speak up about certain going-ons with regards to our security and stability.. Now you asked me why it brings fame and fortune?? 
    Well to figure that out you have to understand them and realize how much they do.. You obviously are in the know about this but have you ever stopped to think about how powerful some of these pilots get, the ships they pilot and the skills alone. 
    Some of them can possibly destroy our battle-cruisers albeit with help but imagine what they are capable of when they turn on you and your fellow pilots.. 
    I’ve had it happen myself and barely survived but it really boils down to constant disregard for local regulations, but you may be asking yourself,
    “Why? Why do you want to kill them so bad and do so at any chance you get?”
    It’s not as if we hate them but rather you have to come from our point of view in all this, we have been entrusted with the security of the system we currently reside in and through that
    We are the LAW and we can’t let them go around breaking it all the time can we? 
    HELL NO!
    I feel as though I can speak for my fellow comrades here in saying yes we have encountered the odd friendly pilot but they are far and few between.. Always rushing to and fro trying to earn as much regardless of who or what it effects and frankly that just isn’t right.
    Well that is certainly a way to look at it, I myself and rather intrigued by them, however my encounters with them have been of a somewhat different note.. But enough about myself lets ask one of your comrades how they feel.
    System Sec Pilot 1:
    Honestly ma’am I can wholeheartedly say that what our Chief said earlier couldn’t be any closer to the truth.. They are a rather blunt to the point kinda people and frankly don’t follow our laws/regulations.. 
    A good example of this is in regards to system clearance.. Normally you would need to head to one of our nav beacons and get clearance there but they can just jump from system to system unhindered, It’s really frustrating since some of them could be carrying illegal cargo or have considerably high bounties and we would never know without stopping them and scanning.
    Chief Garrett:
    Ah yes, and did you know.. They have a completely in house way of judging a targets combat level based on how easy it is to kill us.. Isn’t that just messed up??
    Among other things we almost know nothing about how the Pilots Federation operates other than what we have been told and that isn’t really much but they have such high influence that independent pilots get “Special Treatment” you could say in regards to landing clearance and system jumps which is just crazy.
    Well that does certainly sound a bit biased doesn’t it?  Let us ask another one of your comrades about some encounters then shall we?
    System Sec Pilot 2:
    Well if we are talking about killing independent pilots I have been involved in a battle against one and it was hellish. 
    The pilot in question was going around aimlessly blowing up any ship regardless of what it was doing and then started targeting us system security.. I was the unfortunate soul to be targeted and boy did that ever suck, within seconds my shields were down and my hull was taking damage.. Thank god for the response teams we have or I wouldn’t be here to tell you this.
    Our ATR team jumped in and declared a lockdown in the sector and helped take out the pilot but they nearly lost one of their own ships in the process.. That should tell you how strong these guys can get.
    Hmm that is a very harrowing tale indeed, I am sorry to say though we have run out of time for today's edition of The Daily Chat.
    Check us out tomorrow as we talk about 3D-Printed Food and how you can avoid eating disgusting algae based fabrications!
    As always I am Alicia Mellor and this has been The Daily Chat.