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  1. A personal appeal for the security of Cubeo

    CMDR Suhono issues a personal appeal to the masses of ordinary Cubean citizens, urging them to forward any tips or leads they may have about the recent terrorist attacks to the authorities.

    By Suhono
    November 28 3303-7:59 pm

    I am Commander Suhono, and while I do not normally write directly to my readers, today I have decided to make an exception to the rule. No doubt over the past month, you have become aware of violence and disorder plaguing our fair home, our jewel among the stars — Cubeo III. A market aboard Chelomey Orbital has been attacked twice. An office building in Capital City was besieged by terrorists. There is more, but no doubt, you have heard of these incidents and have been given promises that safety and law shall be restored. I write to you to make a personal appeal. I need your help. Cubeo needs your help.
    There are over ten billion people who live in Cubeo on a permanent basis. In the Empire, we are used to letting those of a higher authority take responsibility for our well-being. After all, that is the expectation of a patronage — a patron looks after his or her clients. But as the threat Cubeo faces is a threat to all of us, I am appealing to you for assistance. We must all open our eyes and ears to this threat, and we must work together. If we work against each other, if we feud over whatever differences we may have, we will surely perish. Our foes are united. We must be united against them.
    An independent commander has provided a dossier of detailed information that I wish to share with you. I ask you, the people of Cubeo, to be alert and, after reading this, to be informed. Our enemy has smuggled in slaves, weapons, and dangerous creatures to control people's minds. But they're not clever enough to hide their identities. This is where you come in — you, the ordinary citizens of Cubeo, can lend your billions of eyes and ears in stopping these monsters before they commit another vicious attack.
    The only named suspect we have is a woman named Gabriella Alyson. She is most frequently found flying a red Fer-de-Lance-class ship, and uses this ship as a firing platform. She is suspected of having used a highly advanced, experimental sniper rifle to commit various attacks on Cubeo and elsewhere. She is extremely dangerous — if you see her, do not approach her. Instead, any information that leads to her capture or death should be forwarded with haste to the Administration of the Overseer and the Prismatic Palace. We must not let her fire her weapon from the skies with impunity.
    The remainder of the suspects are unnamed, but distinctive. One is nicknamed 'the Hacker'. He has heavy burn scars on his face, and cybernetic eyes which glow faintly orange. He is suspected of having hacked a starship, causing it to crash in the Capital City business district. Another is nicknamed 'the Mechanist'. He wears a distinctive mask, and is known for controlling at least six combat drones simultaneously. He is suspected of having used these drones during an attack on Chelomey Orbital's market district. The last suspect is unnamed, and only known to be strongly built, and has a distinctive voice. A recording of this voice is available from the offices of the Prismatic Palace by request.
    If you have information about these criminals, and especially if you happen to see them together, please remember, your life may be in danger! The Administration, the Prismatic Palace, and the independent commanders leading this investigation can and will protect you, but only if you are willing to cooperate. If you are able to provide information that assists in this investigation and leads to the capture or death of these suspects, you will be rewarded. I understand that many of you live in harsh conditions, and that our Empire has let you slip between the cracks. I will do everything in my power to lift you back up to a place of honour and dignity.
    With law, our land shall prosper in peace — but it shall surely perish with lawlessness. Thank you for your efforts, and go carefully in these dangerous times.
    - CMDR Suhono, Emerald Elder of the Prismatic Imperium