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    Independent Pilots can count on Diamond Market News to present up-to-date information on the economy that impacts the local Diamond Market.  Check with us weekly for profitable investments.

    -Achilles Robotics are developing a drone specific to explorers are are promising to distribute it on the Diamond Market.  In the meantime their Camera Drones are a popular buy.  
    -Various competitive industries are struggling to bring neural augmentation programs to the Diamond Market.  These products range from enhancing senses, physical movement, and memory to improving invisible communication between various devices.  Despite the controversy, these brain chip programs may very well reach Cubeo markets in the very near future.  
    -Forculus Chronometry continue to regulate their production and promise to keep their products away from third party distributors.  The popular Wrist Clock is at a fixed price and will remain as such.
    -CryoMed Healthcare Services successfully released their health kits to the Diamond Market with rumors of stabilizing pods coming soon.
    -RemLok will be dropping prices for their products to compete with CryoMed Healthcare Services.  Those shopping for life support gear are encouraged to monitor sales over the coming weeks.
    -The People's Media confirmed that prices of their products will remain steady this week but hinted at the possibility of new entertainment services being made available to independent commanders.
    -Reynhardt IntelliSys are recovering from serious loss following accusations that their products were being used for criminal activity.  Their demand in local markets are steady this week but this may change in the future.
    -The Diamond Market have acknowledged the presence of tracker bugs being available on the market and promise to keep the interface for those wanting to remove the undesirable item from their belongings.  No statement was given as to why this service exists and the items provide no reward.
    -Fashion Weekly announces that popular name brands of jackets and trench coats are on sale making this a good time to buy.  Prices are expected to rise again next week.
    -Nisara Multitech made an appearance on the Diamond Market with their popular utility frames built into their own line of armored jacket.  The product features better support for utility mounts than their competitors.  They were excited to give further details into current developments creating the expectation that exosuits and complementing accessories may be coming to the market later this month. 
    -Various offices from the Prismatic Imperium will allow the selling of branch specific uniforms on the Diamond Market.  Governor Robby Allison stated that independent pilots would not be able to buy uniforms but could sell them for diamonds.  He went on to say that the uniforms would be awarded for loyal services.
    -Manticore have halted shipments of kinetic assault rifles due to public concerns regarding missing shipments in the Cubeo system which has increased the value of weapons across the board.  The increase in price has made now an ideal time to sell weapons as the estimate of stolen rifles numbers over thirty-five thousand.
    -Beamer Pulsed Inc. broke their promise to keep the Beam Rifle at a steady price as leaked information had suggested.  This week the weapon has increased in price and is expected to drop significantly the week after.
    -Kinematic Armaments raised the price on their explosive projectiles.  Now is a recommended time to sell their products.
    -Rumors surrounding a custom sniper rifle appearing on the Diamond Market are circulating with the most popular being a threat from an unknown aggressor.  There is no official information surrounding this item and others appearing on local markets as purchasable items despite no shipments available. 
    -Nisara Multitech introduced their popular burst shield to the Diamond Market two weeks ago due to a demand of alternate deployable defenses.  Their spokesperson admitted that it would not be the most powerful option but boasted that their product could protect the wearer from kinetic attacks more effectively than the leading brands. 
    -Sebio Entertainment announced that their rare utilities were met with an unexpected success and apologized that their supply has been scarce in local markets.  More of their technologically advanced utilities appeared on the market and their prices increased to reflect the demand. 
    -SK Extreme Adventures have made Cubeo a popular destination for their cruise ships.  A continuing destination is the resort on Trapeze Island.  Great promotional offers are available to those booking quickly.
    -Crime in Capital City is soaring which has had a major impact on commercial transport and public services.  Local authorities advise people to limit their travels around the Prismatic Palace. 
    -Senator Raven Hart is selling property in Capital City at a loss due to concerns that crime in the area will make property value plummet.  Prices may drop in the future due to hostile criminal activity and this has invoked an aggressive response from system security.
    -Chelomey Orbital Properties are suffering from a loss when an explosion disturbed one of their market properties.  They say that the incident was not something they were responsible for going as far to blame the current renters overloading critical machines being operated without required permits.  There are rumors that the explosion was caused by a bomb involving independent commanders.  This has increased crime in the area. 
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