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  1. Independent commanders thwart terrorist plots on Cubeo 3, still treated with suspicion

    Independent CMDRs have prevented and mitigated terrorist attacks in the Cubeo system, earning accolades from the Administration of the Overseer and ordinary citizenry alike. Yet some popular figures still treat them with suspicion and even dangerous hostility.

    By: Suhono
    November 3 3303-4:03 am

    Recent terrorist attacks, most notably a gun battle in Capital City and a bombing of a coffee shop in Chelomey Market, have dominated popular imagination and news coverage over the last several weeks in Cubeo. But alongside the Administration of the Overseer, independent Commanders in the service of the Prismatic Imperium have led the way in helping restore peace and security in the midst of an uncertain time, proving decisive against a shadowy enemy. However, their bravery and heroics have not impressed everyone — and certain figures on Cubeo 3 remain hostile to these CMDRs, for reasons unknown.
    On the 21st of October, a bomb attack occurred in a popular coffee shop in Chelomey Market. Thanks to the efforts of independent CMDRs Antony Jakob Birge and Suhono, there were no deaths, and all injured in the attack made a full recovery. The Administration of the Overseer stepped in to investigate this attack, but without independent CMDRs, it is likely many innocent people would have lost their lives. Two days later, on the night of the 23rd, armed men mounted a surprise attack on the Foxhouse Building in Capital City. Independent CMDRs immediately deployed to defend the innocent workers of the office tower, and managed to drive off their foes long before local security forces arrived.
    Most notably, late on the night of the 31st, a team of highly-skilled and well-armed CMDRs, serving alongside Overseers from the Administration, cleared out a nest of criminals in the warrens of Capital City, capturing a dangerous criminal mastermind and ensuring that the streets of Capital City would be safer yet again. Yet, at a party outside the People's Media headquarters, the Lord Herald Kevin Massey agitated partygoers to violently attack a group of some of these same independent CMDRs! Only a quick rescue aboard a spacecraft saved these CMDRs from a violent and gruesome death. Their "crime"? Rescuing a VIP from the party whose life was in danger, and spiriting her to safety.
    One of the CMDRs who was present at both gunfights, as well as the attempted execution-by-mob, was scathing in his criticism of the Lord Herald, saying, "The CMDRs present at the TPM building last Friday were there in good faith ... and having the Lord Herald single them out, mock them, and incite a lynch mob is going to make it hard for independent CMDRs to want to extend the same courtesy again." The Lord Herald has not commented publicly on his motives, and indeed, seems to have made a habit of avoiding one-on-one interviews. Whatever the case, our correspondent is confident that independent CMDRs will continue to bravely defend Cubeo, ensuring all of its citizens can enjoy peace and security.