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    This week’s spotlight shines on Howell Vineyards, “It’s not just wine, it’s culture!”.

    The perpetrator of a string of arson attacks has been apprehended by district security and brought into Ruby Citadel for interrogation. It is believed that this person was not the only one involved. In other district news, new powered lanes are being worked on underneath the district proper to provide more efficient and elegant powered lane solutions for vehicles that require it. One of many things the Branch of Mind is assisting in keeping the Prismatic Imperium at the top.

    The Branch of Vigor has also announced staff pay raises as well as an additional announcement for members to look under their chairs for fun season gifts! How cute! New decor is allegedly slated to be installed in a festive manner as we all ring in the new galactic year. As well, Vigor has worked tirelessly in their efforts to bolster their Ruby Rapid Response systems with their ‘HRS Operation’ to keep Cubeo safe.

    Reyoria Residential has seen the introduction of a new park! This quaint, yet exciting, development will surely improve the lives of those living in the district. Additionally, mark your calendars for an outdoor arts exhibit sponsored by the Branches of Mind and Sight! This once in a lifetime event will cover a swath of excellent topics about the Prismatic Imperium and our wonderful education programs as well as our unique position as the forefront of Pincess Aisling Duval’s vision.

    The district of Rowell has undergone intense cleanups in the last few weeks. We can proudly say it has reached its pristine condition once more, residents should find their commutes clean and illustrious. Another new development has been making waves just last week, literally making waves! The district’s boat yard is being overhauled to allow for additional boat capacity whilst remaining a premier spot to post up one’s boat!

    The People’s Media will be undergoing financial reporting changes starting this week. To better keep in line with our vision of the Branch and to maintain the flow of progress. This will not affect pay for TPM Staff, but it will bring clarity and peace of mind to those under their wing.

    A new initiative has sprung up within the past couple of weeks. New schools are being built in the district of Jukhand at the behest of the Branch of Sight. This long awaited push comes at a crucial time for the Prismatic Imperium with the influx of refugees from not only the Thargoid conflict, but from the conflict within Evermore. Maintaining our core values through the means of education is a top priority.

    And to put a cherry on top: I am pleased to announce the first wave of pay raises for all Branch of Mind staff as we approach and move into the new galactic year.

    Stay tuned for more here on Prismatic Media News!