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    This week’s spotlight shines on Kurell Destined Theatre, “Inspiring passion for the arts.”

    A new development is gracing the Trapeze Island atoll, new state-of-the-art people movers! Traversing the island(s) will have never been easier once this project sees its completion. It will span the main island and branch off to all of the smaller surrounding islands to make transit a breeze. In line with this project is an addition to the Trapeze Starport; a brand new tram station! Island transportation equates to beauty!

    The People’s Media is hosting another public event where invitees and select guests will have the opportunity to meet their favourite cast members and Heralds! A once in a lifetime opportunity for many, this event will offer live entertainment, food, and a plethora of activities for all ages. Additionally I am proud to announce the re-broadcasting of the fan-favourite ‘Some More Than Others’. A long awaited showing of the show will be set on the same schedule it followed during its original airing.

    Raven Square is the recipient of an improved structure framework for the district’s power infrastructure. This news comes after recent disruptions of Raven Tower’s facilities and temporary losses of power that has yet to have a point of origin discovery. Until such a time investors are keen on spending money to keep the district running on all capacities.

    The Opera House in the district of Opera has recently installed a new fountain within their primary foyer! One might think this is a state-of-the-art water fountain, but no, it is a wine fountain! Modelled after my famous pressurised wine fountain on Chelomey Orbital and Raven Tower. Rumour has it that supposedly it was requested that these wine fountains be built all over, and I thought to myself: what a waste of good wine!

    The Emerald Observatory is having several auditoriums undergo maintenance in response to the ghostly mishaps that have taken place over the last several weeks. During one of the Lord Headmaster’s famous speeches, all of the lights shut off! Several of which perished from the malfunction. It’s an auspicious occurrence that raises the question of what is truly happening.

    The Heavy Response Squad of the Ruby Rapid Response has been receiving further investments to bolster their numbers and strength to ensure the safety of Cubeo, the Prismatic Imperium, and its citizens. Additionally it is rumoured that the Lord Warden is announcing new budget plans for the Branch of Vigor, one can only guess what they will entail.

    The district of Bona will be hosting a once in a lifetime event, a roller shoe race through the district! To prepare for such an extraordinary exposition, district administrators have begin their planning stages and work to prepare the streets and buildings for the race and course. As well, most major surface level roadways will be blocked off and rerouted below and around the district. Bona has also received funding for new park water fountains! Gracing the parks’ lush gardens and flora, these water fountains will be exquisite centerpieces that will add to the gracious ambiance.

    The city’s freight infrastructure is receiving a little boost this month in order to help improve and increase the capacity for cargo shipping within the city, planet, and system! CIMA has tightened regulations on independent CMDR and merchant trading and shipping with Prismatic Imperium space; increasing levied tax rates and severing access to those who are deemed unworthy. I have also tasked Market Riveria Analytics with the project of a business census so we may tidy up those who operate within our realm.

    Waste management has been hard at work in the district of Draron Qebridge, so much so they are hiring more custodians! One of the pillars of our city in keeping it clean and pristine, Capital City Waste Management is seeking new rounds of staff who wish to maintain their mission and maintain the cleanliness of this great city. Specifically, staff for the district of Draron Qebridge. In other district news, we are pleased to report that the perpetrator of a recent string of thefts has been apprehended, and all reported stolen items are in the process of being searched for.

    Ciphoit Medical has been working to improve their medical equipment receiving infrastructure the last two weeks. With the influx this year of thargoid invasion refugees and those injured in the fighting in Evermore, the need for medical supplies for the various practices and hospitals of Ciphoit has been ever increasing. With such increases come the chance for supply chain bottlenecks, and this project is just one of many to help alleviate any potential woes.

    Stay tuned for more here on Prismatic Media News!