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    This week’s spotlight shines on The Tide, “High or low, The Tide always brings you in."

    Recently, the Branch of Sight concluded that a total increase of pet ownership in Capital City up to 200% has occurred. Most of these new proud pet owners do not keep their beloved companions at home, but rather pay monthly for a care package of their choice. ‘People seem to have especially taken a liking to reptiles or large scale dinosaur-like predators', says Mike Porgro, administrative assistant of the OEPPG (Omycron Emergency Petcare Group). It has become a priority by the Branch of Sight to research why so many people are willingly giving away money for creatures that could easily eat them, if met in the wilderness. The Lord Headmaster once again advised to prepare saving for new extremities in case of such events.

    With the recent intense weather conditions in Evermore, reports of heating issues within the Abyssos Core Installation have begun to surface, most citing the difficult working conditions as they continue on with their restoration project. This call has been answered by a recent investment dedicated to new state-of-the-art cooling tanks to be placed to catch the periodic heavy rains, and a system that will bring said water through the installation. The hope is that the lower sections of the installation will be within acceptable temperature standards.

    The district of Jukhand has been subjected to a recent influx of vagabonds and homeless. The Branch of Mind has made attempts in securing paid-for housing in the district for these destitute people with the aid of the Branch of Vigor. Though estate owners of the area have voiced strong complaints of the potential devaluement of land, I have made every precaution to ensure that such an event does not take place. Projects have begun to secure the cemeteries and build up blended parks as a way of transition ease to placate those who worry that there will be distinctly visual areas of the district.

    Security has increased within the Sapphire Commerce Center campus as multiple mercenaries took the lives of several innocent members of Mind. All of the attackers have been apprehended with the aid of the Branch of Vigor, but the loss of life cannot be replaced. The Branch of Mind will be holding ceremonies for the families of those who died next week.

    The Branch of Vigor has recently announced a new interactive program that will be installed within the museum! This will allow visitors to take part in what is described as a “routine of daily life” of Vigor agents and staff. The hope is that it will act as not only a tool of learning, but a conduit of recruitment as well! How Exciting!

    Life’s Rift has been in the public spotlight again recently as more staff members anonymously report secret dealings with companies in Torval space. Some of the claims involve the mining operations of Senator Zemina Torval’s corporation while others claim to be of medical emergency procedures due to the recently reported surge of animal DNA testing. A full investigation may be brought forth by both the Branch of Vigor and Branch of Mind to ensure that this corporation is remaining within the legal bounds of our society.

    The People’s Media has released a new “Docuseries” named “From Whence They Came”, chronicling the people of Evermore and their Imperial roots from Cubeos first exposure to humanity. This riveting story will be showcased across all media for the next week. In other TPM news; The Vector, your favorite conspiracy theory entertainment, will be hosting new guests in the coming weeks to discuss a wide variety of ridiculous and unfounded topics!

    Chelomey Orbital recently has been experiencing a negative change in the quality of air and many point their fingers of blame to failing life support systems within the orbital station. Which way is up, which is left, nobody knows due to the lack of clean oxygen! Suppliers from Futhark have decided to ship repair parts in order to help with repairs. This is thanks to a few pilots and CMDRs who frequent between the two systems.

    The power grid in the district of Bona will be the recipient of new reinforced infrastructure thanks to a new recent investment. Contractors have begun work immediately as this initiative is of top priority for the Prismatic Imperium in light of the recent power surges and outages. The source locations of said incidents have been discovered but the culprits have yet to be determined.

    Stay tuned for more here on Prismatic Media News!