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    This week's spotlight shines on Lilt, "The best dressed Imperials, only at Lilt".

    Have you looked to the skies recently? If you have, then you may have noticed some new additions! The district of Bona has had a few new towering buildings constructed recently to accommodate for new office spaces as well as mixed use! Quite invigorating as new life has been breathed into the district. Following this news is the update of one ceremonial ‘breaking of the water’ that will be taking place over one of the lakes adjacent to the new towers. A miniature festival will follow offering an array of arts features as well as live entertainment!

    The Branch of Sight has gained a new researcher for the Emerald Observatory University! She hails from Achenar and has a background in Stellar Archaeoastronomy, how quaint! The Branch of Sight is always seeking new members, and no matter the duration of her tenure, I am certain she will be a welcome addition to their staff! In other Branch of Sight news, a group of students led by an astute professor ventured into the depths of space to visit V509 Cassiopeiae! They hope to glean some insights into these ‘yellow hypergiants’ and how they come to be considering their rarity, how exciting!

    Sudden bursts of torrential rainfall have been reported over sections of Evermore and particularly the Abyssos Core Installation. The excavation and reconstruction have proven difficult as a result of the weather phenomena. We’ve dispatched a small team of weather analysts to survey the weather patterns with researchers from the Branch of Sight. Hopefully they are able to map it all out!

    Underneath the district of Opera lies a sinister truth. The magnificent wine cellar of the Opera House has been emptied! Rumours have it the wine was stolen, but authorities on the matter have debunked the claims stating that it has been moved to another location as the wine cellar is modified and refurbished. They have hopes to accommodate an even greater quantity of the amazing wine. Following this development comes news of a new gilded platinum hall exclusive to members of the Opera House and the Opera Yacht Club. This extravagant establishment will play host to parties and relaxation sessions as well as various rooms for yoga and wellness activities.

    The district officials of Jukhand have seen to the improvement of the cemetery grounds as well as the crematoriums. The finest of Imperial decadence for those lost to sickness and war, at home and abroad. Additionally the Branch of Vigor reminds citizens that anybody posing as “Jukhand Police” are to be ignored and reported for law enforcement impersonation. Public Safety announcements to follow, If you see something, say something.

    The People’s Media has established a new connection amongst the stars with the other systems of the Prismatic Imperium. This move further bolsters the reach and strength of signal for our citizens’ daily news and entertainment. We wish for everyone to be “in the know” on the latest gossip, critical information, and whether or not Sparky the salesman will find true love! As well, we will be hosting this years’ TPM Affiliate Festival in the parks of Aamofsa! Exciting!

    Ruby Citadel has seen a fair few technological improvements to further strengthen the security of the building for staff of the Branch of Vigor. You can thank both the Lord and Vice Wardens for this fantastic direction.

    Improvements to the traffic grid in the district of Ruophaco are well underway as recent investments stressed this importance. We’ve been told this will involve some lane closures and detours as powered lanes are reconfigured to accommodate the changes to the system. Additionally non-powered lanes will have digital markers configured and placed to keep the flow of traffic steady.

    It appears there are multiple events in their planning phases within Cubeo. A charity ball for the military hospital will be held in the near future, our sources say. I personally love events such as these, they showcase the great generosity of the Empire and the outpouring of the Imperial spirit. I will most certainly be attending, and will be the judge of how grand it is. I look forward to seeing you all there!

    Stay tuned for more here on Prismatic Media News!