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    This week’s spotlight shines on Sapphire Magnifico, “Helping the brightest stars shine”.

    A murder has been reported in the Aamofsa district, authorities from the Branch of Vigor have cordoned off the area where it was suspected to have taken place and investigation is underway. My staff have interviewed several supposed eye-witnesses and all came to the conclusion that the suspect is male with long hair, dark brown perhaps. Remember citizens: if you see something, say something. Do your part in keeping Prismatic Imperium space safe.

    It seems an investment has landed in Rowell with the intention of bolstering its public transit access, says the budgeting office of the district. The hope is that it will improve commuting conditions for the area as well. In other Rowell news, it has been reported that one of the bridges connecting to additional structures to the east have collapsed after a crash occurred between a personal vehicle and a street cleaner. Don’t ask me how something so insignificant could have caused such a catastrophe, but here we are. Detours have been set up for commuters who frequent the bridge.

    We here at The People’s Media have been dismissing distasteful brands and companies lately, only the best will do and so many have been rearing their ugly heads. Take it from my Herald Kevin Massey, ‘a collection of gibberish being sold as literature’. An array of houseware intended to inspire yet instead it instills unnecessary anxiety amongst those who have purchased them. Remember, dear citizens, it is unhealthy to own things that will tear you down, only purchase what will uplift you.

    The Branch of Vigor has declared the system of Yashi a safe zone for refugee transit. Though the stations present can only handle low volume throughput, this hasn’t stopped the Prismatic Imperium from using the system to facilitate efforts during the thargoid crisis. In addition, Vigor officials have stated to be on the lookout for more systems as time carries on; perhaps an entire network will be established!

    The East Lake Ferry System in the district of Eqimore is receiving much needed love and attention thanks to a recent investment. The depot on the coast is planned to be repainted as well as the acquisition of new vendors for food and amenities for guests and travelers. Additionally a new boat is on the docket to be purchased! Exciting!

    Dark Dajin Enterprises has recently purchased a large stake in a small shipping company known as Fresh Fleet Logistics. A representative from Villist Transfers chimed in with their thoughts of the potential buyout, “Well I for one hope it happens, it’ll thin out the competition for our branch office in Cubeo, one less company to have to deal with. We may even focus some efforts to corner the market in planetside shipping.” Whatever comes of this in the future, it is certainly competitive!

    Stay tuned for more here on Prismatic Media News!