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    This week’s spotlight shines on Palumaya, “Where fashion meets iconic”.

    The Cubeo Independent Merchants Association has requested that all Independent pilots and CMDRs resubmit their trade licenses for renewal. This comes after a mix of tax increases and tax reductions in a wide swath has been conducted by the Branch of Mind as a whole. I, the Lord Herald, urge recipients of CIMA’s request to comply promptly to ensure the process moves along smoothly.

    A new donations drive has been initiated in the district of Bona by the Yggdrasil Succour Foundation, not to be confused with the Save Teldrassil Foundation from over a millenia ago. This donation drive will feature the curious compsognathuses and their interesting tasks. All proceeds will go to the foundation which will in turn be directed into the district! Exciting!

    City planners have made the decision to expand the district of Jukhand’s crematorium locations ever so slightly to, unfortunately, aid with the ever increasing tolls on human life throughout the Empire during the war against the Thargoids. In addition the existing locations will receive decorative changes in a memorial fashion. Additionally the district’s parks will also be following the trend to keep with the theme of restoration and progress. An additional investment was discovered by the Jukhand Regent Offices. The Senior Associate commented, ‘While we appreciate the money and invested interest of CMDRs, we do not wish to spend money on a suite of law enforcement where such an action would prove redundant. The Branch of Vigor and Capital City Police are more than capable.’ A spokesman for the district’s planning office stated in a follow up comment that the money would instead go towards a week of ‘food drives’ to aid those in need.

    With conflict escalating in Evermore, project managers of the Abyssos Core Installation have increased security around the premises. Efforts to deter unwanted guests and vagrants have yet to falter while the installation undergoes refurbishment. On a related note, you may have seen footage from an estranged reporter in the valley. I gently remind you all to pay her no mind; however with that said, the Prismatic Imperium will ensure that any victim of the conflict will be taken care of to the extent of the abilities of medical professionals within Ciphoit.

    Emerald Observatory has recently announced a new University-funded expedition to the Horseshoe Nebula. A strange new phenomena has been discovered by a professor and a team of students, which has drawn the Universities attention with great interest."We do not know exactly what it could be yet and I suggested sending independent explorers first, but the motivation and compassion of these students and their professor is such a delight to witness. Also a great way to test their survivability in case of a thargoid attack or them falling into a black hole. Not that I anticipate that just so you know ...", the Lord Headmaster stated in an exclusive interview about the project.

    A hefty investment has been levied within Raven Square to improve electrical fail-safes in Raven Tower. This comes on the heels of not only the recent city-wide power failures, but an even more recent surge inside the tower itself. Authorities have yet to locate the source of the surge but reassure that they are on the case.

    A few vacant office buildings in the district of Draron Qebridge will be retrofitted to act as temporary housing for displaced Imperial citizens who have fallen victim to the Thargoid invasion. Though it must be noted that none of these spaces have proper water distribution, considering that office spaces are not meant to house people. However, worry not! The district will be financing a reconstruction of these spaces to ensure they meet the standards set by the Branch of Mind.

    The sequel to the beloved Some More Than Others has seen a recent dip in ratings as several stars of the show have had a falling out with the director. This is a real tragedy and has caused a rather large pivot in the direction of the show. To cushion the blow, I have instructed producers to begin table-writing ideas for an even better show that is slated to star excellent personalities!

    An attempted robbery of a nightclub in Eatiosa was thwarted by upstanding citizens reports from the Branch of Vigor say. As a result, security has seen an increase and patrons of the establishment are to expect an increase in their membership fees as well. The district has also seen a rise in what are known as ‘pop up’ stands selling various foods for an upcoming market festival that only the finest of citizens are allowed to attend.

    The Horia Yacht Club has been thinning out members recently in a statement released earlier this week regarding increases in dock maintenance costs as well as the acquisition of additional sailboats. If you are one of the unlucky few who have been eliminated from the list, that is most unfortunate, you just are simply not good enough.