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    This week’s spotlight shines on Stardreamer Systems, “Dare to dream.”

    The Branch of Vigor has announced a safety outreach programme for citizens of the Prismatic Imperium. Such functions will include training instructions on current evacuation routes, classroom teachings of ‘what to do when you’re being assaulted’, and many other exceptionally educational topics!

    As monumental tensions rise with war having begun, many inquisitive minds have been inquiring about the status of the Abyssos Core Installation and if this unscrupulous conflict will have a negative effect on the location. Administrators of the installation reconstructions reassure potential eager visitors that this shall not be the case. A security firm has been allegedly tasked with protecting the assets until the conclusion of the conflict.

    The docks underneath Raven Square are scheduled to receive a much needed facelift with a recent investment and months of neglect. I am personally pleased to see something done about it. In other Raven Square news; Raven Tower itself has suffered a momentary powerful failure, authorities are actively tracing the cause of such an anomaly. We shall provide details as we receive them!

    The district of Rhombus has been a source of hot gossip lately as Alicia Mellor was seen traipsing about the various office complexes, some say she is partaking in street performance. However, that’s not why we bring up this illustrious commercial district. A new animal companion shelter is being constructed as we speak! Planned to be home to various lost or abandoned animals, this lovely shelter makes due on the promise of “Everyone deserves a companion”.

    Once again I speak of Life’s Rift, is it good news? Is it bad news? Well thankfully I am here to tell you it is neutral news. Life’s Rift administration has begun opening tours through two of their facilities once again. I am pleasantly surprised at the turn to education in their enterprise ways.

    The district of Opera has fallen victim to a shooting recently. During the play “Phantasmal Ghosts”, a patron was fatally shot in the chest by what Opera House guests described as a “large insidious rifle” wielded by a disfigured person. The suspect was apprehended upon their attempted escape. For the remainder of the week, the Opera House shall remain closed until a full sweep investigation is conducted and concluded, per the Branch of vigor.

    The Branch of Mind will be levying additional taxes on the cities of Zespea and Houlji. Any nobility living within these cities will see an increase ten strong. Other citizens living within these cities will see a small increase as cost of living adjusts with time. We would like to remind all citizens of Cubeo and the Prismatic Imperium to begin putting together their manual tax documentation as the submission date approaches.

    Melvane Starport is receiving a new cleaning crew after the recent contract of the last crew has ended upon unsavory terms. Details are still being held about the whys and hows, but we assure you that we will uncover what happened.

    Transit lines in Draron Qebridge have undergone a slight overhaul in timing and ticketing to ensure the efficiency standards are at their peak. “No More Late Trains” is the famous line touted by many transit enjoyers, and Capital City Transit Authority works diligently to see that through.

    The People’s Media will be unveiling a brand new tour showroom for visitors of the tower. Have you ever wanted to know what the sets of your favourite shows looked like in person? Well you’re in luck as one to one replicas of the sets will be created for your viewing pleasure. Sign-ups for tours will begin after the official unveiling. We hope you’re excited!

    New condo construction is underway in the district of Horia, unsurprising with investments increasing as the days march on. City planners reassure residents that it shouldn’t interfere with daily commutes, but to expect construction vehicles to frequent the area. Additionally the district has received the go-ahead to begin the first steps of improved pedestrian pathways that will interconnect above ground with other districts. We will continue providing an updated timeline as each district jumps into this project.

    Ciphoit Medical has received a substantial investment for the various hospitals gracing the district. Chief of Medicine Kate Helski provided an update in a recent interview: “With local conflict escalating, the time for improved medical care is ever urgent. It has been bad enough that the Thargoid War saw to it an increase in critical hospital visits, but with something so close, we will need all of the help we can get to ensure that people receive the care they need.” The Branch of Mind will be providing support for Ciphoit as well in the days to come.

    Stay tuned for more here on Prismatic Media News!