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    This week’s spotlight shines on Reynhardt Intellisys, “Arena competition evolved.”

    Chelomey Orbital has seen a rise in protests against Varkus Delray. Many see him pretending to play leader while others simply hate him. Whatever their motives, they want him gone. Citizens aboard Chelomey Orbital and Medupe City have been vocal and amassing in numbers to make themselves heard.

    We’ve recently updated the resort star port on Trapeze Island! Pristine landing pads have been furnished alongside new pathways and improved security checkpoints to ensure your next visit and stay are as welcoming and safe as possible. Additionally, new pools are being constructed in a new atrium within the primary Trapeze Resort Hotel! Additional amenities means additional excitement, entertainment, and enjoyment!

    Citizens have levied concerns about increased military presence in the commercial district of Vreemane. Development authorities have made reassurances that those are not actually military members, but academy students and to not be alarmed. Counter arguments made surround the involvement of a military academy at all. This ongoing social skirmish steps up next to the positive growth and community support and involvement of the Rose Military Academy.

    The district of Opera has seen the unveiling of the Opera House remodel as artists collaborated to craft the picture-perfect structure that would encapsulate the grandeur and glory of the Empire and her stars. With the grand unveiling comes a new play, and a new opera performance by renowned playwrights and artists from around the Empire. An exclusive event to some, but will be broadcast for viewing for all. What a wonderful time!

    Noise complaints have been levied by store owners in Raven Square. From car traffic, to vehicle collisions, to rambunctious teens, there seems to be no end to what people will complain about. With this said, we urge citizens to report to the Branches of Vigor and Mind; if you see something, say something.

    Reports of power failures from the district of Bona have come in just today. This sudden happening comes at a volatile time in the system’s stock market as energy optimism has been at an alltime high. Local authorities are unsure of the cause, speculation points to poor infrastructure maintenance, others cry foul play. Whatever the reason, we urge caution to all citizens traversing the district today and especially tonight. Officials from the Branch of Vigor will be seen throughout the district to aid people in and out.

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