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    This week’s spotlight shines on Dead-Eye Defence Systems, “Power and laser tech for missions large and small.”

    Market Riviera Analytics is poised for the upcoming financial review we will be performing soon. Together with CIMA, MRA will be conducting financial audits upon all business owners to ensure the complete integration, uniformity, and compliance of organisations within Prismatic Imperium space. Citations or incentives will be dispensed appropriately towards the end of this process.

    The district of Bona has recently received a much needed boost in financial reserves. Signaling the start of structural upgrade projects throughout the system. Other changes are being noticed abroad in other systems controlled by the Prismatic Imperium, specifically quality of life for citizens in newly adopted systems. The Empire is ever stronger as CMDRs flying for Princess Aisling Duval aid in our expansion.

    The Abyssos Core Installation has seen some unscrupulous activity yet again as scavengers have made their presence known. Vigor forcers have ensured the locale’s security is enforced, and as a reminder that visitors are not permitted on the grounds.

    Vreemane has seen a resurgence in park attendance as students of the Rose Military Academy have begun the beginnings of their housing arrangements, made in conjunction with academy administration. District quiet hours are being established as the same with the district of Aamofsa, an effort to curtail potentially rambunctious students.

    A recent request and push by Aegis for the need of a ‘Pulse Neutraliser’ has been made, and realised, as the organisation seeks to continue its scientific and militaristic research to combat against the Thargoids. A particular focus for this project are the Maelstroms, “It will allow us to modify our military tactics based on what is discovered inside the deadly clouds”, Aegis representatives claim. With the new module in their hands, “Armed ships crewed by military and xenology specialists have now been sent into each Maelstrom. These pathfinder missions will attempt to gather as much tactical and environmental data as possible.”, says Rear Admiral Daniel Parry of the Federal Navy. At the very least there is a consensus on the goal of this endeavor.

    Reports have come in regarding the Senate hearings for Lord Sixtus’s alleged crimes, Votes are whispered to be close as the floor is split on the outcome. One hopes this comes to an end soon so that the Senate may continue work on important matters for the Prismatic Imperium abroad.

    More reports of an unknown signal have surfaced again as some citizens have experienced service disruptions for the duration of these old French broadcasts. I remind citizens of the Prismatic Imperium again to do your part in keeping our space safe, if you see something, say something.

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