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    This week’s spotlight shines on Thule Industries, “You’ll always be safe with Thule”.

    The Abyssos Core Installation once again undergoes maintenance, though that is not what has gotten people talking. The project holders of the installation have reportedly been working on new industrial tech for machinery and linked technology: Introducing AbyssOS. Our reporters have been working diligently to uncover as much information as possible on this new operating system, and what we know so far is it will be what industry experts call an “embedded systems operating system”. Many say this will revolutionise the manufacturing scene.

    Ruby Citadel has received a substantial investment that is reportedly to be allocated towards improvements in public relations with citizens in Prismatic Imperium space. ‘Getting the word out to our systems abroad’ is what I have been told. Such a campaign is of the utmost importance if we are to maintain our presence in a positive light with factions supporting us, and us them.

    “Too good to be true”, in the words of the Federation’s own FIA Executive Agent Viola Trask. The incompetence the Federation shows continues to spill forth as the days, weeks, and years pass us by. What started as an accusation against Torval Mining Ltd of assassination of the CEO of Caine-Massey, has been identified instead as a rogue action by a mercenary. The accusations based on assumptions show a clear motive-driven scapegoat from the Federation against the Empire, with the Federal Intelligence Agency grasping for straws. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into this story.

    Gunfire, a shootout, and a vehicle launched into a facility. Sightings of these violent activities have been reported by many who witnessed them in real time following the many recordings that have been sent in, taking place north of Capital City in a small town known as Tardide Pass. Residents are unsure who started it all, but it has been noted that Delray Officers have been sighted during the fighting. Not a good look if you ask me. The Branch of Vigor has been investigating the occurrence and we’ll keep you informed as details surface.

    The People’s Media is proud to announce a new segment following the Price Is Deflated on all platforms and broadcasts! This fantastic family-friendly game show will be hosted by none-other than Gregory Malljur! Rumour has it he and Alicia Mellor are dating. Further TPM news, sections of the media halls are scheduled to undergo renovations this week and next. Staff will be given alternate spaces to work until the process is finished.

    Stay tuned for more here on Prismatic Media News!