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    This week’s spotlight shines on Blackshadow Productions, filmmaker of the Andromedaries, “Hidden gems in plain sight”.

    A new week brings in new money to the Branch of Reach towards Amber Tower once again. With budget expansions taking place, one wonders where the money is being allocated. Well, my dear friends, you’re in luck. I have gleaned such coveted insight; rumours have it that Amber Tower will be having all of their windows replaced to maintain code level defense. In addition, employees will now be offered ice cream as a cafe option on the 10th floor!

    A major section of the residential district of Draron Qebridge has been cordoned off following a shooting that has taken place in what is seemingly an exceptionally quiet neighbourhood. The Branch of Vigor hasn’t made a public statement yet regarding the details of the incident but witnesses have said that a crazed man under the influence of crom killed 4 people in a park before nearby officers promptly detained him.

    With the not-so-recent change in management of Raven Tower, Raven Square has undergone some subtle changes starting with their parks. An increase of visitors has been noted as well as a decrease in vehicle traffic underground. This has been a pleasant change of pace for many residents who live in Raven Square’s undercity, and I can imagine why!

    The People’s Media is rebooting the beloved show “When Two Birds Meet”, now called “After Two Birds Met”! A story that follows two people with two birds each and their daily lives! A direct sequel from the days before! This is an exciting time as viewership has been reaching new heights each and every day!

    The Branch of Mind is announcing an increase in taxes on the City of Zespea and the surrounding area. This news comes on the coattails of a recent change in city leadership. I have already sent the proper communications to the respective parties involved. Citizens of the city hopefully will not be impacted, and a slight alteration to the tourism project between Trapeze Island Resort and Zespea will be negligible to patrons who visit.

    The district of Jukhand is once again undergoing cleaning efforts to maintain the physical appearances for patrons of the parks and visitors of the district’s cemeteries. The Custodial Society reminds citizens that littering is illegal and punishable by imprisonment. Lastly the district will be holding a new and recurring monthly farmers market on the first day of each month. The official location will be announced in the coming days.

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