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    This week’s spotlight shines on Club Cubeo Bogota, “Dance your problems away”.

    Raven Square is receiving some financial love this week as conversations surrounding the park that faces the front of the building swirl, spurring a flurry of activity in maintenance and upkeep. Appearances are everything in the Empire, and a ugly park is a sad park. Following this fantastic news is a change in building management at Raven Tower, rumour has it a fifth person has placed a bid on this towering tower, who will it be? Will the current managerial staff be removed and executed? Or will they receive a nice vacation? Only time will tell!

    Premium shows have been scheduled and lined up in the district of Opera, at none other than the Opera House itself. With the Opera House High Society Club making the moves necessary, minor celebrities have been travelling from afar to attend one of the premier showings this past weekend, and are rumoured to be staying throughout the week!

    Researchers from the Branch of Sight have announced that a new probe has been launched towards Cubeo 2 as part of a class study for University students in regards to the effects of magnetic poles and their responsiveness to nearby planetary bodies. Phew, that was a mouthful. Emerald University Staff remind students that the project will be ongoing for two weeks exactly. Maintenance will be funded in part by the Xeno Division.

    Eatiosa will begin lane closures in the coming days as construction begins on the new mega ‘low’way underneath the city. Combined with this project, Eatiosa’s undercity will also be receiving some attention to ensure the safety of residents and pedestrians. New pathways will be planned as well as some minor building adjustments. One such establishment to receive some structural love is The Lucky Dill. A personal recommendation of mine, if I might add. As the project continues onward, expect delays along your daily commute through the district.

    Long overdo congratulations are in order for a particular member of the Branch of Vigor; CMDR Sumurai8. Myself personally, and on the behalf of the Branch of Mind, would like to applaud and congratulate this fine man on his promotion and appointment to Vice Warden. We trust and know that he will do a fine job in his newfound position and will represent the Branch and the Prismatic Imperium with the utmost care and prestige that commands all good Imperials to follow. In light of this promotion, a secret ceremony was allegedly held in celebration on the rooftop of Ruby Citadel, but surely these are just rumours.

    Melvane Starport is under attack! Now that I have your attention, reports of unlawful advertisements and public harassment have been documented to be taking place within Mevlane Starport. Authorities have temporarily shutdown services until everything, and everyone, related to the incident have been dealt with and cleared out. There is currently an ETA of three hours.

    Support staff from the Branch of Reach have been reporting these strange posters popping up all over the campus. We were able to obtain a copy of one and from the looks of it, someone has a passion for 20th century propaganda posters! Additionally, we have caught wind of some new developments that hint at furthered improvements to Amber Tower, one might even include accelerated walkways!

    Stay tuned for more here on Prismatic Media News!