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    This week’s spotlight shines on Russel Networks, “Keeping you connected, no matter how far you go..”

    Preparations for the upcoming ‘New Years’ celebrations are well underway in the district of Bona. Filings for fireworks permits have been discovered, and citizens are bubbling with excitement. In lue of the festivities, the district is preparing restaurants and facilities in advance to accommodate any needs that may arise during the celebration. Additionally, washroom facilities are undergoing some deep clean refurbishments to maintain their premium appeal.

    A failed attempt at producing their own food, the administration of Chelomey Orbital has instead opted to increase the shipment capacity for food products to the station. This endeavor begins in light of the increasing number of refugees arriving at the station in response to the ongoing Thargoid threat in the bubble. Many jobs have been created in a short span of time, many in heavy industry, to allow for those who wish to reside on the station a place to work. Additionally protests have begun to form outside of one ‘Dark Dajin Diner’, or ‘D3’ as it is also known, following another attempt at soliciting and offering jobs to those in apparent need, some stating it is ‘military conscription propaganda’. We will be following this story closely as it develops.

    Mumore Residential has recently received a massive boost in financial aid and officials have begun holding frequent budget meetings to lay out plans for what it should be allocated to. What we’ve heard so far is it may affect wastewater treatment, roadway lighting, and potentially temporary housing. In light of some of these future changes, property taxes are anticipated to rise by a small margin, as well as the cost of renting for citizens of the district.

    A divestment of interest payments and dividends from the district of Opera has been making waves in the world of entertainment as the newly elected Board of Trustees for the Opera House High Society Club have been making their mark, minting their foray into the new positions. This news has been perceived as both magnificent and controversial amongst the public, with the latter viewpoint holders seeing this as a favoritism powermove with the elite, while the former simply shrug off such nasty thoughts and notions, simply stating that the time for the enhancement of premium entertainment has begun anew.

    Ciphoit Medical will be closing a section of private practices as building construction begins. The project is expected to take two weeks as progress moves methodically, detours for pedestrian traffic will be made present and known. Several complaints have been levied by self-proclaimed ‘Traditionalists’ stating that ‘Why fix what isn’t broken?’, and to that I say Progress is the only way forward. According to the district’s Medical Administration, these improvements will bring about better patient flow amongst the many separated facilities.

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