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    This week’s spotlight on Defence Gizmos, “Recycled parts to equip your ships.”

    The People’s Media would like to remind viewers and listeners that the next month’s programming will be rescheduled in the coming days due to contract realignments. With this in mind, we’ll begin planning this week’s schedule on the hour with a few surprise guests in some of our talk shows! Stay tuned tonight as Alicia Mellor and Axton Janel Rodney host a joint show talking about Anything Anywhere All At The Same Time!

    Some new developments have made their way out of Amber Tower and we caught wind of two new projects involving the lifts and interior decor. We spoke with one of the building management who provided us some key insights as to the ins and outs, the who’s and what’s, the why’s and how’s and other various specifics going into the design and implementation of the new lifts. We’ve been told that one such piece of information is that brand new state-of-the-art lighting will not only light the inside of the lift itself, but also the shaft the lift moves within. How fascinating! And the decor is stunning from what I’ve seen, I may provide a sneak peek later this week.

    The parks in Aamofsa are receiving a much needed upgrade after the ‘Parks and Recreation’ department performed their yearly evaluations. We’ve been told that new waste bins will be allocated throughout each park and each is expected to have a self contained decontamination system built in. In other Aamofsa news, a new surveillance system is being planned at all above ground traffic sections as well as the entrances and exits of each park. This has been planned with the Branch of Vigor in an effort to deter potential vandalism and other public infractions.

    Ciphoit Medical is receiving a boost in investor funds to help with the buildout of a new rehabilitation facility. This new centre is being built with those displaced by the brewing conflict in mind. Generous souls have taken up donations and investments for the cause in hopes and efforts to help those who need it.

    Ruby Citadel has completed a long overdue overhaul of their appointment booking system. We have only been simply told that “queue times for appointments with high ranking staff will no longer take more than an hour”. This news bodes well for the public image of the Branch as being a friendly public face that serves its people. In other Vigor news, word regarding Adamantine Union labor surpluses have been laid to rest as the Branch of Vigor and those working within AU have stated keenly that they have enough positions for everyone brought aboard.

    State tuned for more on Prismatic Media News!