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    This week’s spotlight shines on Lightspeed Accommodation, “Putting up with you for the night - or your money back!”

    News of littering spreads from Reyoria as residents of the district have reportedly been finding and discarding what they call ‘propaganda flyers’. Upon a small deep dive into the situation it was discovered that these pamphlets were coming from Dark Dajin Enterprises in an effort to recruit people into their private militia. The goal of this enterprise is unknown, but it is behavior that cannot be condoned. With this said, several individuals that have been approached about the situation have stated their interest in this small campaign. Only time will tell what this ‘DDE Imperial battalion’ will entail.

    A recent investment into the district has been allegedly allotted to an increased security presence by the Branch of Vigor. Officials have expressed their displeasure in the gesture strating that “it is highly offensive that they claim an increase in crime”. Following the notion, it has been agreed that new parking cameras will be installed in an effort to deter any amount of theft they may or may not take place.

    All is quiet with the Abyssos Core Installation. Well, that is what I would love to say, but once again weather has caused disruptions in the grounds clean-up and refurbishment. Seemingly causing setbacks of at least two weeks as rains caused minor ground stability issues. Authorities have yet to release an updated time table, but hope to soon once the damage has been assessed. They also reassure investors of the project that their money will not go to waste.

    The People’s Media will be offering vacation getaways for participants in the latest show-runner charity event! A delightful incentive for those inclined! The event will take place this weekend as we take the week running up to prepare. What will the event entail? You might ask. Good question, it will include not only physical fitness, but a series of high-intensity pop-quizzes! It will be a spectacle to behold for sure!

    Major news is coming out of Emerald Observatory. The Branch of Sight has recently reinstated its Military Academy Preparedness Programme, hand crafted by the Lord Headmaster himself. Instructions and classes will begin with the turn of the week and will run for two semesters before the curriculum is due for re-evaluation. What’s more, the Branch of Sight has also partnered with Ciphoit Medical to offer students a wide variety of medical classes, as well as bringing in instructors from the Prismatic Military to offer “combat medic” trainings. The University has been on edge since the needless raid that took place, The Lord Headmaster has reinstated past security protocols to ensure the safety of the students. As well, Emerald Observatory’s Research Center, The Observatory itself, and their Xeno Divisions have had periodic security lockdowns in accordance to their information control protocols. We spoke with a handful of Headmasters who enlightened us on the ordeal, and they reassure the public that the safety and security of their Branch is their first priority.

    The Branch of Reach has begun a new application process to bring in new staff for their Headquarters in Amber Tower. We reached out to the Lord Governor for comment on the news but have yet to receive a response. In more positive news, the Branch has also begun its outreach programme once again to encourage prospective members to make trips to Colonia for further aid in the cluster.

    Stay tuned for more on Prismatic Media News!