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    This week’s spotlight shines on Trouble Banking and Welfare Investments, “Your money kept safe for when you need it most.”

    New developments on Trapeze Island! The race track project is well underway as the track layout has been imprinted onto the designated island, next steps are paving and course markers along with the designing of the stands. As this moves along, we are pleased to announce a new quick eatery has been built and opened in the resort’s star port!

    The People’s Media would like to remind viewers and listeners that the upcoming month’s scheduled programming will shift ever so slightly to accommodate the new line-up of shows that have been in the works the last few weeks, two of them have finished full production and are ready for broadcasting! The rest are nearing completion but will begin airing soon.

    New developments have been sweeping the district of Rhombus as regulations regarding warehouse ownership and leasing have begun tightening in recent weeks. CIMA has begun issuing citations for infractions of various rules and regulations. In lighter news, the roadways underneath the district have been remapped and re-paved with state-of-the-art, and energy efficient, lanes. For those who commute via personal vehicle, this will be quite the boon!

    The Abyssos Core Installation has seen recent interruptions in the cleaning of the grounds with storms rolling in, and now rumors of looting taking place have spun about. The Branch of Vigor has sent a squad of officers to take stock and survey the area to either validate the claims, or put them to rest as a rise in public discourse once again rears its ugly head.

    Campus grounds within the Ciphoit Medical district will be closed off for beautification for the next two weeks. Included in the project are new trees, fresh new manicured grass, and an array of stonework hand crafted on-site! With the closing of the campus grounds, the director of the medical district has instructed staff to place detour signs throughout so other staff and visitors may navigate with ease.

    Ruby Citadel is having a donation drive this week in an effort to support the community and those in need. There will be non-perishable food and clothing made available for those who qualify for need. Alongside this a mini-event will be held to keep the donation drive light and fun! Additionally officials of the Branch of Vigor have made intentions to purchase more defense equipment to replace any outdated gear they may have and outfit new staff and recruits, this comes as the security of the system tightens down after recent terroristic events have taken place.

    An array of new condominiums have had their zones provisioned and the building schematics have been sent for approval. This should provide some new housing opportunities for newcomers to the system and city. The Branch of Mind would also like to take this moment to remind citizens that commercial permits are to be submitted and updated no later than the end of the month.

    New pathing is scheduled to be built out in the district of Jukhand after a row of complaints have been levied by practitioners and park goers. This coincides with recent improvements to the housing situation to allow for better grounds traversal for district residents. Lastly city officials would like to remind citizens the littering is a crime punishable by law, a recent uptick in park litter has been seen in recent days and is a current cause for concern for many park goers. Remember to do your part; if you see something, say something.

    Stay tuned for more on Prismatic Media News!