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    This week’s spotlight shines on JetForce Dynamics, “Getting you there with the power of air.”

    District authorities have been cracking down on park littering this month as reports of an uptick in such unscrupulous behavior have filed in. They remind citizens that such actions will result in a hefty fine of 1,000cr and possible jail time in order to curb these actions. Do your part; if you see something, say something and keep the parks clean!

    Amber Tower is reportedly undergoing some stellar renovations this week as the Prismatic Imperium’s own leader of Aurora Astrum sees to its completion! This has been a long time coming after an extended period of silence from the organisation.

    Weekly floral ceremonies will be held for those who have fallen in combat as conflict rises and tensions escalate. They will be held in the Jukhand district, and will be a quiet affair to give families moments of peace as they mourn the passing of their loved ones. While this news is rather sad and somber, it will be a beautiful display of love and honour.

    The cove in the Rowell district is expected to receive a myriad of docks to form what will be known as the Falforth Harbor and will be restricted to residents of the district. This is a rather exciting endeavour as patrons of the yacht clubs will now have another competitor in the bi-annual regatas.

    While rumours of shady underground dealings in the district swirl, city officials calmly remind citizens that they are just that, rumours. Though they do make note of a very subtle increase in crime, but assure everyone that it will be handled. In more positive news, the construction of a ferry station is underway in the district of Reyoria! Public transit enthusiasts around the city rejoice in the additional transportation option. Not only will it swiftly take you across East Lake, it will also provide for a spectacular view as you travel! I, for one, love breathtaking views and you should too! It’s expected to be near completion in approximately two weeks time, so make sure to be on the lookout for when it does!

    District officials will be holding a farmers market this weekend in Zreaglares as an investment paves the way financially making space for the event. The market will feature produce from around the system and rumour has it, even those from the long lost Evermore region will be selling goods. While investments coming in were originally scheduled to aid in current road and infrastructure projects, they have since been shelved and will be portioned for future projects as they are planned. The hope is to better the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic through this commercial district.

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