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    This week’s spotlight shines on Drive Performance Specialists, “For the ultimate performance.”

    Raven square has recently seen an increase in traffic over the last couple of weeks, many wanting to see Crystal Lake. Additionally there are reports of a potential micro-market being planned. Set to feature a plethora of activities from music renditions and crafts to baking competitions and other social activities.

    With the recent audacious liberation of slaves, reports have come in about a sudden massive increase in the homeless population. Who knew such reckless action would cause such a disruption! Thankfully the Honoris Collective has stepped in to help the issue by beginning to build housing and provide jobs for these people in the areas north of Capital City.

    A major power outage has been felt by residents of various district undercities. The cause is unknown but the source has been identified. City authorities have released a ten step plan to ensure your wellbeing as maintenance crews work hard to re-establish the lines. We’ve also learned that a backup grid has been activated in the interim until the work is complete. We’ll be tracking this story as it progresses!

    The C-Hyperloop begins its annual maintenance routine amid traffic troubles, though city officials remind citizens that schedules will resume in a matter of days. Alternative public transportation will be available with additional routes for those burdened by the interruption.

    Princess Sonia Delray has recently released a statement in regards to the current status of the Prismatic Imperium, and she remains hopeful that the prosperity of the faction will resume and continue ever onward. Though many skeptics remain, and many investors from Achenar maintain bearish pessimism, only time will tell if a stable turnaround is on the horizon.

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