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    This week’s spotlight shines on Trouble Banking and Welfare Investments, “Helping you solve life’s financial problems.”

    Some exceptionally breaking news. A shift and a rift has been made and felt across all of Cubeo. With a hostile change in apparent leadership, the stability of the Prismatic Imperium and Cubeo has been at an all time low while market pessimism and volatility is at an alltime high. Investors, even in Achenar, are pulling their money out of decades-long investments. All signs point to, and all voices speak to a bearish market for the foreseeable future as prices decline. What this means for the future of Cubeo and the Prismatic Imperium remains to be seen as senators call upon Aisling Duval to step in and return the system to its former stability.

    The shockwaves of this news can be felt across all districts, even in Mumore as residents begin to save money rather than spend. Rumors float about off-market transactions taking place in unmarked apartments as the district’s profitability declines. Officials have made statements to keep public services running, though opting out of improvements and only working on maintenance.

    Another such instance brings us to Ruophaco. A financial trail has been followed by investors and auditors that lead to shady business and dealings in the warehouses underneath the district. It’s difficult to say who is behind it, but it reveals a stain and the timing couldn’t make it more obvious. One such warehouse has been identified as a bunker by officials when a tour was held through the undercity.

    The Lord Headmaster has called for the continuation for classes at Emerald Observatory. Claiming that the fine university is unphased by the event that took place. Various students on the other hand feel otherwise, ‘many have returned home for extended holiday until certainty has been restored’, says one of the professors. There are students who do remain attending, seemingly blissfully unaware, or simply uncaring of the sociopolitical climate.

    Patrons of the Horia High Society Club express concern for the current climate as progress on the dock restoration has come to a halt due to funds drying up and market uncertainty exponentially increasing. District officials state that they will be saving money to keep the district running instead of funding improvements.

    Cubeo Patron’s Principles have made a small hub in Capital City, expressing a desire to aid those in need in uncertain times. This is quite shocking news as the faction has typically shown angst towards Duke Corwin Ryan.

    Reports from Evermore indicate that things are beginning to heat up as groups unify in a defense effort, anticipating an attack at any moment as pirates begin congregating in various areas. A call to CMDRs has been made to help fight against these unscrupulous people.

    Citizens of Cubeo, I wish you well.

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