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    This week’s spotlight shines on Villist Transfers, “You’ll never have to wait for your freight.”

    We follow recent developments in the district of Horia as reports emerge regarding art thefts in the district’s art gallery. They continue to leave their mark throughout the city and onlookers have dubbed them the ‘kitty cat burglar’. If you see something, say something. Remember to do your part as good Imperial citizens.

    The bridges between Mumore and Rowel are being worked on this week as riverwalk revitalisation efforts kick in. Not only that, there are plans to extend the river’s ferry system! It will now also run between Mumore and Rowell, and there will also be planned routes to the Reyoria residential district. An exciting time for public transit enthusiasts and scenic route travelers alike!

    The Branch of Vigor makes headlines once again as one hundred arrests have been made in one night. An unauthorised gathering was taking place and several noise complaints were reported leading to the arrests. Vigor Officers would like to remind citizens that gatherings such as these must be approved by the city council first, and pass through several checks before becoming an approved event.

    Light rail extensions are being constructed in undercity of Draron Qebridge. With ease of use in mind, the Capital City Transit Authority is stepping in to lend aid in the design and construction. Intentions to link the routes with the primary city lines have also been made known. In other Draron Qebridge news; be on the lookout for a missing litter of kittens! A report has been filed as well as a multitude of digital adverts in search of the elusive bunch. If you see a crate of kittens, make sure you give the person a call! {Included is the person’s holostream ID}

    Emerald Observatory is once again putting forth sign-up bulletins for a new expedition into a yet-to-be-told ‘system cluster’. Students will be given a break from their assignments as they journey into the known and staff will be given paid leave. Upon their return, professors will be tasked with providing research topics for their students and papers will be submitted into a local journal of science. A quite exciting time for the scientific fields of study!

    In lieu of the expedition, housing accommodations for students in the Aamofsa district will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected, so make sure you don’t leave a mess! Ahead of this, however, will be a “learning luncheon” that is said to take place in one of the parks along the West Lake. University staff request that students and staff who wish to attend to RSVP by the end of the week.

    Stay tuned for more on Prismatic Media News!