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    The spotlight shines on Space Lanes Cargo, “You freight, your way.”

    The multi-level lobby in the Sapphire Commerce Center is receiving a face-lift! New decorations, new flooring, new drapes, and new lights! I could go on, but this list is endless! Commerce Floor Officiators recommended investors and employees plan ahead when arriving as delays are to be expected. In conjunction with this, the Commerce Center Administration is pleased to announce new refreshment options will be made available for the many trading floors. Make sure to be on the lookout!

    The Capital City Transit Authority would like to remind citizens that littering is prohibited and punishable by law. Violators will be prosecuted by the Branch of Vigor per Article 237. This announcement is in light of a recent uptick in lazy public transportation patrons and increased reports of litter being strewn about. Do your part and report such activity.

    The marina in Horia will be temporarily unavailable as dock reconstruction begins. This news comes in lue of an announcement of the purchase of new boats by the Horia High Society Boat Club. In the meantime the district is partnering with the Opera House to make temporary additional space available for members of the boat club. In other Horia news, be vigilant as an increase of thefts have been reported by citizens in the area, Vigor officials are looking into the matter.

    Speaking of the Branch of Vigor, Ruby Citadel is reportedly undergoing structural maintenance as part of a yearly routine check-up. Employees are advised to seek alternative entry points in the coming week. Additionally, Vigor officers will be receiving new uniforms, and I must say they look rather dashing!

    Reports of lost luggage have been tracked and noted. If you’ve been traveling through Melvane Starport recently, the lost and found at Raven Tower in Raven Square will be holding on to an array of luggage brought over from four recent Beluga Liners.

    Despite the cleanliness of the parks in Jukhand, reports of bench and light post vandalism continue to come in. In light of such news, law enforcement will be staffed to the parks on a daily basis.

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