Elizabeth Heartstring

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Doctor Elizabeth Heartstring was born on July 12th, 3250. She is a physical therapist who specializes in muscle injuries. Though she is outstripped in ability by the finest doctors on Cubeo III, she is quite competent. She runs the physical therapy clinic on the 7th floor of Raven Tower.

Early Life

Elizabeth grew up on Capitol in the Achenar system. Her father was very poor, and often sold himself into Imperial Slavery to pay off his debts. Her mother was a nurse in the Imperial Navy, and Elizabeth got her passion for medicine from her.


She was educated on Capitol, where she graduated from a prestigious medical university in 3276. She did her residency under Dr. Ludwig Holderbaum - One of the finest physical therapists in Achenar. She finished her residency in 3281.

Clinical Practice

In 3282 she moved to Cubeo III, in the Cubeo system. She started her own practice in Capital City and became moderately successful. In 3299 she moved her practice to Raven Tower and began to specialize in treating CMDRs and other people who spent a great deal of time in space.


She is known to have a very poor bedside manner. Generally, she pushes her patients rather hard, often acting rude or brash to encourage them to work harder and improve faster.