Ludwig Holderbaum

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Dr. Ludwig Holderbaum is a noble from Achenar who works as a physical therapist. He is world-renown and even known to some extent outside the Achenar system. He receives clients from hundreds of lightyears away.


Dr. Ludwig Holderbaum is the 5th son of a minor noble in the Achenar system. His family owns very little land and does not have much power to speak of. That, combine with him being the 5th son, incentivized him to seek his own path in life outside of the noble line of rule.


Being a noble, his family was able to afford the most expensive education. He excelled at his work, and achieved very high marks. He graduated from university in 3204 and completed his residency only three years later in 3207.

Clinical Practice

His practice on Capitol in the Achenar system opened in 3208, and has remained open to the present day. He has served clients throughout the Empire, and even some clients from the Federation.

Accusations of Misconduct

Several students doing their residency under him have reported him for a variety of misconduct chargers. Accusations include poor working conditions, lax safety standards in physical therapy techniques, and sexual harassment. As of 3307 no formal investigation into these accusations has been opened.