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The Great Valley of Evermore (or just "Evermore") is a large expanse of territory roughly 500,000 square kilometers in size. It is located far to the north of Capital City between the area of Cubeo III controlled by the Prismatic Imperium and Cubeo Patron's Principles. It is known to be very rich in natural resources.


Evermore is bordered on the east by a large ocean. To the west, it is bordered by expansive jungles and mountains. The Evermore region has a highly diverse geography, containing mountains, volcanoes, jungles, forests, plains, deserts, coasts, marshlands, swamps, and extensive river deltas.

Neighboring Factions

To the north is territory controlled by Cubeo Patron's Principles (CPP). The CPP cities of Bauschinger City and Molina City border Evermore, with the main road through Evermore passing through the latter. To the south, Evermore borders territory controlled by the Prismatic Imperium (PI). The PI cities of Cappadocia North and Caelfall Cove border Evermore. The main road passes through the former.


Several hundred years ago, settlers from Achenar began populating the Evermore region. Multiple colony ships landed and began setting up a variety of settlements, including some of the largest modern day cities in Evermore. These settlers were sent to Cubeo III by the ancestors of King Delray.

At some point shortly after the original colonization effort begun, Achenar severed communications with the settlers of Evermore for unknown reasons. Since that time, the People of Evermore have developed on their own, with very little contact with the outside world. At this time, Evermore was one united political entity, ruled by the Evermore family for which the valley gets its name. The most influential member of the Evermore family was Princess Mallory Evermore, who was the last ruler of a United Evermore. She is known as a very competent ruler. She was responsible for expanding Evermore to the territorial extent it is has today. She also funded many public works projects, the most notable of which was the construction of a large number of statues of herself. Many of these statues still exist and can still be seen in the valley today.

After the fall of the Evermore family, the region began to decline. The political structure fractured, and the unified government collapsed. This resulted in the settlements splintering off into a patchwork of independent city states with no central government. Over time, these settlements developed their own disparate cultures. Some people continued to live in the cities that were built during the colonization, but many others ended up in semi-tribal societies. Some tribes are nomadic while others utilize semi-permanent villahes.


The people of the valley have developed their own micro-language in addition to galactic common. The language, called Maristii, only has a few dozen words in it. However, the language is largely contextual and these few words can mean a variety of things in different contexts. Most people in most settlements speak galactic common in addition to Maristii, but some tribes are known to only speak the Maristii language.

Modern Conflicts

In recent years the valley has become a powderkeg of political activity. Around the year 3303, Duke Earl Hart declared his intentions to conquer the valley for the Prismatic Imperium. Over the years, Hart has met with limited success. He has successfully occupied several small Evermore cities far away from the main concentration of settlements. However, he has been unwilling or unable to commit the military firepower needed to conquer the densely jungled and highly populated settlements in the far north of the valley.

In 3306, King Delray sent an envoy to the Prismatic Imperium seeking validation of his ancestral claim to the valley. The Prismatic Senate granted the King's request, giving the King a casus belli for a reconquest war of Evermore. The Senate also recognized the legitimacy of Duke Earl Hart's claim, setting the stage for a war of great powers in the valley.

In 3307, in anticipating of a Delrey invasion, Duke Earl Hart retreated from his extended position in order to solidify his power base and prepare for an attack. It is believed that if King Delray invades with the intent to conquer Evermore, Hart will declare war as well, potentially leading to a direct war against a PI aligned Duke and a King of Achenar.