Mission Report File Kingpin Mountain, 19 Oct 3307

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[Encrypted Message to High Oversser Aloturus Ottesius, CC Overseer Enforcer Gregory Cano]

Mission Report File Kingpin Mountain, 19 Oct 3307, CMDR Yaseiko Reporting.

At approximately 20:30 GST Team assembled for briefing in provided Vulture. Mission intel was minimal, primary objective was rescue and extraction of hostages, including a possible VIP on site. Intel on VIP was faulty.

Without solid intelligence or the time to do reconnaissance, the team decided to infiltrate quietly from the cliffs below the data tower. Lord Warden Mystler used a jetpack and rifle to provide cover as CMDRs Yaseiko and Ada climbed to the foot of the data center. We identified 3 marksmen on the top of the data power providing hostile overwatch.

The door to the building was locked and security was in place. CMDR Yaseiko supplied a LVL4 Autohack to open the door (See expense report). CMDRs Yaseiko and Ada cleared the inside without alerting the OpFor, Warden Mystler regrouped and we began moving through the tower. 2 Additional Tangos were inside, we dispacted them without alerting the OpFor. Warden Mystler then interfaced our network to a local terminal providing a connection to HQ and giving us access to building security.

With new intel from building security, we were able to locate the main enemy force and hostages in the Employee section. Primary hostile 'Carface" had already begun killing hostages, and threatened to continue, in an effort to buy time, I radio'd that ransome was en route, but would take longer than he was giving us.

At this point the team split up to have multiple entry points into the hostage holding area to minimize risk of hostage casualties. Warden Mystler used a Jetpack to gain a vantage point on "Carface" as CMDRs Yaseiko and Ada moved through the building to prepare to breach the employee center. We confirmed target IDs and Warden Mystler began a countdown. CMDRs Ada and Yaseiko simultaneously breached the door and eliminated the 4 tangos identified via building security and Warden Mystler eliminated Carface using a long-range rifle. At this point we searched the hostages to locate the VIP and it was revealed our intel on the VIP was faulty. Area was secured at 23:13 GST.

HQ radioed to indicate an unknown Anaconda was unloading troops onto the roof of the data tower. Overseer Enforcer Cano proceeded to extract the hostages, and the team was contacted by Ultraclick Chairman Caleb Parker. Mission responsibility was transfered to Ultraclick in response to possible secondary objectives. The ensuing Mission Report is property of Ultraclick.

Our team regrouped, on the lower level of the data tower, joined by secondary breaching team members Angelina Hernandez and CMDR Schielman. I took point to the elevator and was pinned down by gunfire from above. Warden Mystler and CMDR Ada joined me in cover. Ms Hernandez supported the squad using a combat drone and eliminated the hostiles above us, clearing us to use the elevators.

To secure the data tower, we split into 3 teams, on 3 elevators. CMDR Yaseiko and Ms. Hernandez took the primary elevator to level 46, Warden Mystler and Ada took the side elevator to level 46, and CMDR Schielman and a Mongoose Drone took a third elevator to floor 45 intending to use the stairs to support the assault.

Upon reaching the 46th floor, we took coordinated fire from heavily armed targets and supporting turrets. These hostiles were much better equipped and organized than those previously engaged and we were forced into cover. We had minimal cover exiting the elevators and the firepower there would easily overwhelm our defenses. CMDR Schielman and the Mongoose drone confirmed 2 kills.

At this point I sustained some sort of head injury and we were forced to withdraw. We withdrew to hopefully renew the assault with reinforcements and Overseer support later. Our team moved to an Evac point to regroup. We regrouped and retreated via the support Vulture piloted by Overseer Bortle.

Overseer Bortle moved us to a safe distance, but before we could re-engage the facility was destroyed. We have no evidence to support the theory, but I believe the second force had secured the building quicker than we could engage and planted demolition charges to cover their tracks. The second group of hostiles was well-equipped and trained. We were not able to gather any information on their motive, mission or origin.

It is my opinion that the failure to secure the facility and complete secondary objectives was due to a lack of manpower and intelligence. We didn't know what we were walking into, and did not have aerial support sufficient to keep the airspace clear of the secondary OpFor. Through the exemplary efforts of our insertion teams were we able to prevent the loss of the entire team and all the hostages.

EXPENSE REPORT: 1x LVL4 Autohack - Used to enter facility. Valued at 2000 Diamonds 1x Shock Grenade - Used to subdue gunman upon breaching hostage holding area. Valued at 50 Diamonds.

[End Message]