Jasmine Dragon

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The Jasmine Dragon (茉莉花龍) is a Chinese restaurant in Raven Square that servers both authentic Chinese food, and Chinese-Cubo fusion dishes. The restaurant is usually quite empty, but a small group of highly loyal patrons keeps the restaurant afloat. The restaurant has a cozy décor about it. Lighting is kept low and tinted green. A large golden holographic dragon can be seen flying its way lazily around the ceiling of the room. Pillars and plush booths dot the interior of the restaurant. Large paintings of the coronation portraits of Hender Saik Duval, Hesketh Duval, Hengist Duval, and Arissa Lavigny-Duval hand prominently on the wall.


The Jasmine Dragon is owned by an elderly Chinese woman who goes by the name Nǎinai (奶奶). She is the sole proprietor of the restaurant. She was born in 3158, during the reign of Hender Saik Duval. Her father started the Jasmine Dragon in 3144. When her father died, Nǎinai took over running the restaurant. She ran it for over 100 years with the assistance of her husband, and later her sons. In the early 3300s, her sons joined the Imperial Navy, and shortly thereafter her husband passed away. She continues running the Jasmine Dragon to this day, as it brings her joy and helps her feel close to her family.