Chelomey Orbital

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Chelomey Orbital is a coriolis station that orbits Cubeo III. It offers a wide range of services for CMDRs and houses the Chelomey Market.

Chelomey Market

Chelomey Market is the circular pedestrian mall that encompasses the starport hangars. It is a hub for orbital station dining, shopping, entertainment, and medical services. Train systems connect the district to the starport within and the residential district without. Orbital real estate is expensive and carefully utilized. Private pubs in the area attract an unusual amount of criminal activity. Only the ignorant would claim the absence of black markets. The flow of credits say otherwise.

Market News and Developement Timeline

Chelomey Market
Date Events and News
A new manager of the Chelomey Marketplace bar has arrived! This establishment has changed management more times than I can count! Will they be able to succeed where others couldn’t? Will the same scruffy clientele frequent the bar? Will Chelomey ever receive a better reputation? Stay tuned to find out!
Citizens from across the system have been filing complaints every day regarding the terrible smells coming from the Chelomey Orbital station, however one patron has decided to make it their goal to change this. New investments into the station’s market have been allocated to new and better waste management and recycling! Expect less litter and more glitter!