Cappadocean Treasure Island

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Cappadocean Treasure Island is a theme park in Cappadocia North. The park is pirate themed, and uses a wooden sailing ship in its logo.


Upon arriving, guests are greeted by actors in pirate costume that lead them to a short introduction ride that helps explain the themes and story of the park to guests. The cars of the introduction ride look like an old pirate ship, enhanced with holo sails at the top of it and a few other holographic projections bringing it to life. The cars are on tracks that guide the vehicle through the presentation. The ride uses a mixture of holographic and physical assets to create a convincing environment. The ride tells the story of an unnamed ship that is beached on an island after a violent storm. The survivors of the crash, unable to salvage their ship, presumably decide to bury their treasure on the island.

Park Theming

After finishing the introduction ride, visitors arrive at a wooden pier where they are greeted by more staff. In front of them is the theme park proper, which is designed to look like an old wooden town. Upon exiting the ride, staff inform the guests that the town they have arrived in is called Turtugula, and that the captain of the lost ship was Captain Flint. They are told that Captain Flint stole the "gold dubloons of Catupici" and are handed a stylized map of the park, and are informed that they might be the first ones to find the lost treasure. The map depicts the park consisting of many areas mapping onto the "treasure islands". The starting location is a hub with a lot of facilities to get food and drink or watch staff acting historical town life. The islands themselves are filled with attractions around pirate themes. Rollercoasters, more story boat tours, ship battles where people can fire cannon broadsides onto holographic ships, and much more. Many of the attractions reward the visitors with puzzle pieces for their map that will eventually turn it into a treasure map on where to find the gold doubloon treasure.