O Papagaio Verde

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O Papagaio Verde is a rooftop bar on the roof of Raven Tower. The name means "The Green Parrot" in Portuguese, and when one steps out onto the bar the reason for the name becomes clear. The restaurant is attached to an exotic bird aviary, and colorful birds from around the galaxy can be seen perched among the pergola while guests eat and drink. The bar has existed in one form or another at Raven Tower for years, but with the frequent change of CMDRs renting the building, the bar has undergone many changed.


Near the elevator is a pressurized wine fountain. On the base of the fountain is a small plaque that reads: EST 05-02-3305 BY LADY RUPEY BEAR. The fountain was originally installed during a brief period in 3305 when Lady Rupey Bear rented the building. It then remained in storage for several years before being added to the bar. There is a large sitting area covered by a wooden pergola. Fresh flowers of every color are potted everywhere, and there are vibrant orange Brazilian flame vines winding up and through the pergola. The bar features a grand piano on a raised stage. A pianist in a vibrant multi-colored dress can often be seen playing soft tunes for those present.

Hostess Antônia Silva

Antônia Silva is the hostess of O Papagaio Verde. She is a tall woman with a dignified maturity to her. She has luxuriously long curly black hair streaked with flecks of grey. She is highly empathetic, and always knows what a patron needs to drink when they arrive.