Betty Rosa

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Betty Rosa is the secretary for Raven Tower. Her personality is as colorful as her clothing. She often has home-made sweets of complex design available for guests to try when they enter.

She is single, and often inquires about whether or not CMDRs are single, as she seeks a husband worthy of her.

Betty has a long and storied past. She was in the Imperial Army and attained the rank of colonel and led the 767th sniper squad.

She lives alone in a small house in Cront, complete with a minibar, small pool, and full kitchen.

She was born in 3172, and served in the Imperial Army for 100 years. She started her service in 3194 at the age of 22, and left the service in 3294 at the age of 122. Since then, she has retired to Capital City on Cubeo III. She took up baking as a hobby, and got a part time job as a secretary to keep herself busy.

Major military recognitions: The Achenar Centennial Star for 100 years of service. Three Hengist Duval Bronze Eagles for acts of valor. 277 service ribbons for commanding troops in a war zone. The Gold Crown for the 767th sniper squad, given for extreme meritorious command when critically injured.

Civilian Sniper Contest ribbons: 37 gold ribbons, 28 silver ribbons, and 41 bronze ribbons for first, second, and third place respectively in planet-wide sniper competitions from around the Empire.