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    This week’s spotlight shines on Vega Line Shipping, “Carrying your goods like none other.”

    Lost in Rhombus? The latest investment is reported to be marked for brand new kiosks throughout the district. No longer will the wandering citizen wander without cause, no longer will the business associate lose their way! It’s an exciting step to make the commercial district more accessible to patrons and citizens alike!

    An accident has happened in Raven Square! It seems that several boats have collided as they entered and exited from the district’s grand marina and harbor. Onlookers gawked at the lavish boats nearly sinking to the depths before rescue teams arrived to prevent such a tragedy. Thankfully nobody has died and only 10 people were critically injured in the accident. This has prompted city officials to begin drafting tighter regulations on boat traffic throughout the city in an effort to keep people safe.

    The market on Chelomey Orbital is the talk of the station as work begins on the plumbing there. There had been reports of poor water pressure and damaged piping throughout, causing the advanced toilets to nearly explode in a few businesses. That would be a messy nightmare to deal with. Thankfully station officials have located such points of issue and are working diligently to resolve it.

    Ruby Citadel has finally received the money to work on their new roof! After several months of budget planning, the Branch management have set forth in motion the construction of a brand new roof. Having looked at the designs myself, I must say it will certainly be iconic! Vigor employees should expect delays in their commutes and intermittent interruptions in their work as the construction begins. The project is expected to take two weeks.

    City officials have announced plans to construct several additional ferry docks along the banks of the Mumore Residential district! This is exciting as it will open up several opportunities for citizens, residents, and patrons alike to experience the ride. Construction will begin next week as they plan and prepare alternate routes for existing ferry lines, as to not interrupt their schedule.

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