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    This week’s spotlight shines on Sanhest Audio Solutions, “Superior sound, superior service".

    New groundskeepers are slated to be hired very soon for the Jukhand cemetery, with the park path improvements finished, the next step in making Jukhand pretty again is to touch up the cemetery itself, polishing gravestones and keeping the whole place clean, lawn manicures will be taking place as well to prevent foliage from becoming overgrown. This has been a long time coming as the district has faced, and still faces, harsh criticism for its unsightliness. Make sure you take some time to pay your respects to those lost, and possible lost loved ones, and enjoy the beauty Jukhand has to offer.

    Lookout Cubeo, there’s a reporter on the loose! Gloria Howell is working with the Branch of Vigor on a recently refreshed series titled ‘Heroes of Reality’, which you may have heard of, and in it she plans to share with people the many fantastic stories of Cubeo’s own citizens! The very citizens that are sworn to protect you. Their daily lives, their inner machinations! You may even find out what your favorite Vigor agent’s toothpaste is! The possibilities are endless! I encourage everyone to check out Gloria’s wonderful series!

    The Rowell Metro-Link extensions and stops are being constructed as we speak! Thanks to new investment funds, district officials have been able to come to a unanimous decision and push forward with their new initiative of safe, reliable, and clean public transit for citizens and patrons to enjoy. This project will link with Cront and Mumore to allow for easier transportation between the residential districts.

    Zemina Torval is one step closer to fulfilling her dreams of becoming a first class miner! More like bottom class if you ask me! It has been reported that her company ‘Torval-Mastopolos Mining’ has gained independence from its parent corporation. One step closer to freedom? Or one step closer into the depths of the asteroid, who’s to say! The only noteworthy information here is that she’ll be covered in space dust and soot in no-time!

    New investments into Ruby Citadel from the Lord Warden themselves have been reported! This go around seems to be focused on improving the facility’s many, and heavily used, lifts! A focus is being made on their structural integrity, as well as their appearance, giving visitors of Ruby Citadel a comfortable, and pleasant ride up and down the many floors of the building. This coincides with plans for guest relations improvements, so we hope your next visit to Ruby Citadel is a pleasant one.

    We here at Prismatic Media News encourage citizens of Cubeo to not spend all of their hard earned money based on the whims and gambling habits of CMDRs. CMDRs are not a positive influence, CMDRs are not wholly trusted, we would like to remind you. Instead, spend your money on meaningful things, like food, clothes, or wine, and if you must throw your money away, give it to charity. One such as Wellspring Philanthropic, or the Imperial Initiative can choose for you. Remember, a well informed Imperial, is a well prepared Imperial.

    New investment has made its way to The People’s Media, and this allotment will be focused on improving the windows. Yes you heard correctly, the windows! New Prism-Plated filaments will be installed over every window possible along the TPM tower! Complete with the spectacle lights, our building will assuredly be the most colorful thing in the Capital City night! We also encourage patrons to take pictures and submit them for our yearly embellishment of our campus!

    Vreemane district officials are planning a park face-lift! With the completion of the C-Hyperloop, officials are looking to make the parks more accessible and more desirable as a destination along the transit line’s stops. Some of the planned improvements include new park benches, newly installed water lines complete with new water fountains, and a cordoned off section for pets to play. These all sound like substantially exciting improvements, and we look forward to seeing them complete! We hope your next visit to Vreemane is a pleasant one!

    The Cront district has begun the process of improving the structural integrity and imagery of its bridges as part of its annual district inspection. What little graffiti there is will be removed, new supports will be added and new railings are being planned as well. A little side project is being planned to allow pedestrian access underneath the bridge across the river as well! Exciting things are happening in Cront, stay tuned!

    Take a stroll along the Isroubus boardwalk! All this week a mini-festival is taking place as the district’s officials have decided to splurge a little for their patrons! With upgrades and improvements happening behind the scenes, you can be assured that your experience and next visit will be lovely, grand, and fantastic!

    Stay tuned for more here at Prismatic Media News!