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Background Simulation

  1. Prismatic Imperium

    Prismatic Imperium (PI) faction is resident in Cubeo. Being Aisling Duval's capital system, PI makes sure Cubeo is always in optimal conditions for Powerplay operations and free of hostiles. Prismatic Imperium is also present in some systems around Cubeo and administrates their econimies and wealth.

  2. Colonists of Aurora

    Colonists of Aurora (CoA) faction is resident in our colony, in the Colonia cluster, Aurora Astrum. CoA is working to offer to all our freed slaves new opportunities, far away from the bubble.

  3. Adamantine Union

    Adamantine Union (AU) faction is resident in Uibuth. Adamantine Union is a Prismatic Imperium's taskforce born with the aim of shutting down slavery markets outside Aisling Duval's systems.